Wednesday, December 30, 2009

fraser town food frenzy

moved to Frazer town in Dec 2009. Not the idle place to loose a few pounds! there are eatiers at every corner, lil shops and fast foods and a 2-3 upper market restaurants.

so we did the wise thing and quickly set up kitchen so we can cook some meals at home. not n easy thing - reviving our expensive elf lpg, then calling him back for a tube ...

So we had a few oppurtunities to try the Darshinis (besides Indira Darshini near Coles Park on MM Road, one more opposite 'Casio Gifts' on Mosque Road) well - besides the idly dosa, ok rotis when you want to go wallet-light.

Other places I liked :

the bread joint  near Casio - great whole wheat and broken wheat, nice chicken burgers (without cheese), do not try the KFC wanna be chicken.the sales guy speaks English but apparently not very well or does not care. he's friendly enough but when i ordered a burger without mayo or butter or cheese; I got one - with all 3!
For a tastier burger (chicken patty better too) head across the street to

11th Cross. Met these people at the Bangalore Habba too, where even in the rush, when Strings paused for a break, they made me a burger with just the salad leave, some ketchep and the chicken, aah yumm, Tea was feesh and well made too. Something that is nigh impossible to get in most Darshini's (just stick to the coffee unless you want to risk a walk on the over cooked tea side.)

Chung wah has nice ambience and better food than Taiwan (or is is it Taipan - at the crossing of Coles and Mosque Roads) - especially dislike the lighting and twice the vegetables were very old, but for an Ok meal , nice mucic, ok service, etremely Rupee friendly - Taiwan is good to go, we will go there at lesat once a month.

Today, 31st went to one of the muslim joints on MM Road, this one advertises Paya and mutton keema, but alas it was 8pm but the rotis were not ready so I left and settled for a dosa. hey its the last day of the year so gave a pass to whole-wheat with tomatoes breakka today.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bangalore Hubba, thank you

except for the stupid ill trained insensitive cops , an all around good show!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hotels and restaurantes in Bangalore

Hotels and restaurants in Bangalore
great place for 5 star stay, food and parties in Bangalore

At our first party in 2006 April loved the chocolate fountain. The hotel was not fully operational then. After that it has come a long way. When I got married we were spoilt at the ghana, then at the suite. especially thoughtful staff who helped my new bride with a dress emergency. Ate breakka-lunch-dinner there for 3 days straight and did not get bored with the food. with most 5 starts its 3 meals at most and then need to go out for a change! Coffee shop serves awesome pizza and value for money buffets.

The swimming pool is tiny, but the gym is well equipped and the instructor was very helpful, the one time I did make it there.

ghana == Punjabi - pre wedding party with song, dance and spirits!

Monday, November 16, 2009

reliance data card bad deal

Date Nov 14, 2009
From Tushar Kapila
Abshot Lyt
Bangalore 560052
To Permanent Lok Adalat,
Synopsis with matter with Reliance regarding data card PLAT no 42584 of 2009
Bought a reliance data card in Bangalore did not work first 2 days - not activated
Used for 3 days in Pune. last 2 days of trip to  Pune did not work - said over limit. I had problems with client as could not complete work on 2 days. Attached copy of email (with all headers to prove validity) concerning this.
In 4 days bill is Rs.1800/- When I bought the card dealer told me monthly bill will be Rs.1500/- After that I bought airtel data card. monthly bill, unlimited usage Rs1,000/-
I refuse to pay this amount. I paid Rs.100/- I do not think this deserves more than that after wasting time and money.
I told them there must be a billing error. they never did anything. Before that on day 1 I told them of connection being dropped, they said they will rectify. nothing was done.
So I'm being made to over pay for bad service? Their quality is bad and they over  bill. I want them to investigated and I should get compensation for not enjoying net for few days after paying Rs.4,000/- to get service from them.
Bad customer education, bad service, bad billing - seems to be a bunch of cheats. Attachment 1 - email I sent to them on  Sun, 7 Jun 2009 I would like compensation for time and work oppurtunity lost, for a service that is supposed to help me work remotely not charge me exorbitantly and not provide service. I usually earn $60 a day.
Tushar G Kapila

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are your judges as rich as mine?

Two months after the Supreme Court, faced with demands ... what I find urgh is that they are all so rich. either they are corrupt or the system is bad and only the super rich make it ! one crore = Rs.100,00,00,000/- == $213,037/- == much more than you would expect anyone in govt. usual net worth for a regular corporate person are
let me pull up a salary chart. this is not from salary alone. thats much less. though they do get a home, car etc
basically these guys assets are 100x monthly salary. all  their families are monied or they all invested very well or ... in any case it looks corrupt.
are these judges corrupt or are they all just lucky!
[quote id=/l/135366/1/#q2][b]arrows[/b]:Well, [url=]yes[/url].[/quote]let me pull up a salary chart. this is not from salary alone. thats much less. though they do get a home, car etc
basically these guys assets are 100x monthly salary. all  their families are monied or they all invested very well or ... in any case it looks corrupt
nothing new

Monday, November 2, 2009

no play with Aus and Pak

we should stop playing with Aus and Pak. One for playing dirty. everything from the way they curse, to come in the way of running batsmen sucks.
Other for playing dirty and being a terror supporting state

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games i like

Quick, keyboard, Fun, simple, and all positive. i like this as a game concept  works on windows, linux, ...
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